Tsi Taihei

Oriole Clan Smith on a mission


Tsi Taihei, the youngest (at 17) and only son of father Tsi Kyouka and Tsi Neduyoi (née Kitsune), stands at a sturdy 5’2" and weighs in at 153lbs. His brown eyes and dark brown hair do not exactly turn heads, considering his ruddy skin from long hours spent at the forge. Regardless of that, the Tsi family is trying hard to arrange a marriage into a Great Clan. In order to raise his appeal however, Taihei has decided to travel the lands of Rokugan in order to create quality weapons for his hosts.


Tsi Taihei was born from a marriage between the Kitsune family and the Oriole family. Kyouka met Neduyoi when he commissioned padding for a suit of armor from her. When she responded to his terse letter than she didn’t make those sorts of garments, it prompted Kyouka to travel to her. He was working on a piece of armor for the Kaiu daimyo, and wanted only the best in underclothing for the armor. Having heard of Neduyoi’s reputation as a Tailor, he went to her. The two hit it off… terribly. After the gift was done, the two vowed to never see each other again, until the two families arranged a marriage. The head of Neduyoi’s family said that the gift made by both their hands was greater than either of them could have accomplished, and prophesied great things from a union between them.

That prophecy has been a heavy burden for the children of Kyouka and Neduyoi; the Tsi family has used this prophecy as leverage to marry eligible bachelors into the Great Clans, or marry the Great Clans into the Tsi family. In the spirit of these arrangements, their eldest daughter, Tsuyomeru was married into the Shiba family’s artisan tradition by way of Shiba Geiki; they are currently expecting their first child. Her younger sister, Nebariduyoi, having grown up with the weight of this prophecy, was approved for a long trip through Rokugan, without the family name; she has been gone now for six months, with letters only to Tsuyomeru. Now, Kyouka and Taihei have traveled to Winter Court to deliver a joint gift to Asahina Hideaki: an ornamental sword, worked on by both Kyouka and Taihei, made from blue steel enameled with white edges to look like a moving waterfall. It is the first work that will carry Taihei’s seal (and the 15th that will carry his father’s). Unbeknownst to Taihei, his father is also here to feel out the families of the Unicorn clan for possible marriage into the Oriole family.

Tsi Taihei

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